Here's an idea...

Mr. Samblis... instead of wasting energy attacking the messenger... attack the issues !

Samblis gets sued...

Agrees to settlement...

Then defaults on settlement...

Details here.

Why does the CEO hide

behind bogus aliases ?

mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, QueFine, and of late KHudson.

Is he avoiding SEC scrutiny ?

So he cannot be held accountable for his statements?

Many believe Mr. Samblis uses these aliases to pump the stock... isn't that stock manipulation by deception ?



Note:  Please keep in mind that if/when you visit the link below... that there are family members and others listed on some of these documents being listed on the Brevard County site.  Although the documents listed are public information, please be respectful of the privacy rights of those individuals.  The link is being provided as a service to investors as an insight into Mr. Samblis's character.  We believe the character of a CEO is relevant information to investors.  However... those that have had the unfortunate circumstances to be associated with Mr. Samblis in these situations do not deserve public scrutiny and therefore should be off-limits to additional research and/or criticism.  This is about Mr. Samblis… no one else !


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